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Take a Bite out of TRID: Get the Ball Rolling!

what happens after the seller accepts my offer?Congratulations, you have an accepted sales contract. Your client is now depending on you for a smooth closing!

The TRID countdown for closing has begun……regardless if you are working with the buyer or the seller, the first and most important thing you as a Realtor can do to get the ball rolling is to turn in a complete, accurate closing package to Investors Title Company.   The sooner you provide the title company and the lender with sales contract information, the sooner preparation for your closing can begin.

When working with a buyer:

  • The buyer needs to provide the lender with their “Intent to Proceed” as soon as possible.
  • Provide the lender with the homeowner’s insurance information and any other documentation that has been requested.

When working with a seller, make certain the seller provides the title company with the Seller’s Information Letter as soon as possible.  (a copy of the Seller Information Letter is included below so you can include it as part of your listing package)

As always, keep the title company informed of any changes in the transaction as soon as possible.  Working together we can provide your client with a smooth closing!