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President’s Corner: May 2016

What a good year it has been so far!

We hope all of you are experiencing success and we thank you for your business and the confidence you place in us. We are always talking about how to make the closing experience better for you and your sellers and buyers, which we feel enhances your business. Please let us know any feedback or ideas you may have. We value your input.

One trend I am seeing that I am concerned about is the number of transactions where the buyer waives ordering a survey. I am concerned because of the survey issues we see and our goal, of course, is to always make sure buyers are protected. I understand the trend and it is based on cost. I know what happens, however, when a buyer who does not get a survey ultimately sells. Their new buyer orders a survey and there are encroachments or other issues uncovered by the survey that adversely affect the new transaction. So, if a buyer does waive ordering a survey, it is important that they have been given the options and have been informed of the benefits of having a survey and survey coverage on their title policy. In any case, it is food for thought and something I think is very important.

Finally this month, I hope you know and use our excellent sales staff. Diana Davis, Terra Ritchie and Amanda Klopfenstein are each a tremendous resource for you. If you need pricing or need help on a deal or have a question, they are available. They really care about your business and your needs and are eager to make a difference for you. They certainly make a difference for me personally and for our closing staff. Having them available to help close on busy days (and thankfully there are plenty of those!) is so important for our closers and for our clients so that customers can have the closing times that they want. So if you know Diana, Terra and Amanda that’s wonderful. If you do not, then I encourage you to call or email them any time you need assistance or information.