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Why We Use TrustFunds for Earnest Money Transfers

TrustFunds is relatively new to the scene. It provides a great platform for buyers to electronically transfer their earnest money to whoever it is going to hold it, as opposed to having them write a check. So how does it work, and why do we use it here at Investors Title? Let’s take a look.

How TrustFunds Works

In the past, earnest money has been paid by a check or wire transfer to the title company, legal firm or trust account involved. It’s a deposit that shows the buyer’s good faith in purchasing the property and that they are committed to the transaction.

TrustFunds is fully integrated with the MLS (Multiple Listing Service). The buyer is able to go to the MLS, enter their bank account information, and initiate the transfer of the earnest money to the title company. The agent can then choose their title company through the system and pick the closer. 

The title company is then able to hold onto the earnest money until the contract has been signed, and then it can be moved over. 

Why We Love TrustFunds

While most title companies were hesitant to adopt a purely electronic money transfer, Investors Title was excited for the opportunity to serve its clients in additional ways and has been utilizing TrustFunds for the last two years.

Especially given how much COVID-19 has impacted our business processes, all parties involved have been grateful for this no-touch option. Some additional benefits of TrustFunds include:


TrustFunds removes the need for realtors and title companies to have to hold a client’s bank account information. 


All parties involved can appreciate the ease of an online earnest money transfer solution, especially if individuals do not live close or simply prefer a more remote procedure.

Real-Time Tracking

Unlike with paper checks, you are better able to see where the earnest money each step of the way, so you can ensure the money transfer does not hold anything up in the process. 

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