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New Listings for 2018!

new listings - closingsAhh, a New Year and a fresh start. The best feeling ever! We want to assist you in making this your best year ever, with tools to help you have smooth closings all year long.

With that in mind, planning for a smooth closing starts as soon as you take a new listing.

1)  Order an informational title report to find out if there is anything on title that could delay or prevent a smooth closing for your seller.  No need to wait until your Seller has an accepted Sales Contract and a delay in the Buyer ordering title.  Contact your Investors Title Company closing team to order the title search on your new listing today!

2)  Insist that your Seller complete the Seller Information Letter (link below) so your closing team has everything they need to prepare for closing!  A delay in receiving information vital for closing could mean a stressful closing, which no one wants.

3)  Negotiate a Sales Contract closing day that does not fall on the last few days of the month.  These are very busy days for lenders and title companies and can result in a  stressful closing.

4)  Turn in your Closing Package to ITC as soon as you have an accepted Sales Contract, including the Seller’s Information Letter.

5)  Mind the Deadline Dates per the Sales Contract to make sure your Seller is prepared to meet their contractual obligations in a timely manner.

6)  Provide your ITC closing team with any Sales Contract addendums, bills to be paid at closing (Home Warranty?) or changes to your Seller’s circumstances (marital status?) as soon as possible. Unexpected changes at closing can cause stress and possible delays.

7)  Schedule the Seller’s closing time   Keep in mind that funding requirements on the day of closing take TIME,  and inform your Seller on what to expect. If possible, schedule your Seller to sign their closing documents the day before the actual closing, or at a minimum before the Buyer’s closing time to facilitate funding.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your ITC closing team.  We are happy and eager to help you have the best closing experience ever!

Click on the link below to print a copy of the Seller Information Letter: